Global Resource Models for CS

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Hello everyone-

I'm brushing up on what's new in a global strategy for the CS function.  If you are defining the overall Roles + Responsibilities for a Global org, yet you have different levels of market maturity in some, are you inclined to have the responsibilities of the same role be unique in a given market or create an entirely new role? 

Our CSMs are quota carrying and I would like to avoid double compensation for lower spend accounts and only apply a CSM to high-value/spend accounts, alongside a sales rep.  This is fairly straightforward in our mature/high spend customers and the functions are quite distinct.  However, when we look at less mature markets, I see multiple roles - Sales and CS - being assigned on lower spend accounts because their spend thresholds are much lower.  Therefore, we are comping 2 people on a very low customer spend, but since they are early, the debate is whether that over-investment is necessary to drive maturity and growth.  

How would you think about this deign and comp model?