Connecting with Remote Colleagues - Zoom Happy Hours Arent Working

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Hi Everyone - This isn't Customer Success specifically but is relevant to anyone that is either leading or working within a team.   

I read an article from about Zoom meetings, Zoom fatigue etc... In the article they reference a 1,000 person survey and much of the details are what you'd expect, but there was one quote that supported one of my fears:

"For nearly a third of workers, these workplace socials didn't make them feel closer to their coworkers; it created anxiety that wasn't needed."

"... companies started rolling around virtual happy hours where employees, after completing the week and getting done with an 8-hour workday, were expected to now sit in front of a screen and mingle virtually for another hour or more."

If you're fully remote (either because of covid or not) - how are you engaging your team without it feeling like another calendar appointment slowing down their day?  CSMs calendars are VERY full and they're often talking to their computers all day. This is not unique to CSMs but, how we casually connect with our CS teams is probably different from employees who are in spreadsheets more then zoom calls. 

I've been hosting a weekly "show" where i get as many people together and discuss a number of different topics and lead fun/silly discussion - with pretty good success.  I'm happy to share format and ideas for anyone  interested. 

BUT curious what has worked for others?  I want more casual facetime with the team - but as we know CSM calendars are VERY full.