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Hi there! 

We recently implemented a digitally-led customer experience model for implementation and adoption and now we are shifting our focus to advocacy. We collect NPS and try to ask customers to write G2 reviews, but wanted to see if there are any other creative ways you have thought about accomplishing this at scale?

Thank you!


  • Stella Ikhnana
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    Hi Lilli,

    I would like to learn more about your "digitally-led customer experience model for implementation." 

    It's essential to champion your champions.

    Is there a way to do a member spotlight post?

    On either LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram, wherever the companies are most active.

    Shout out one company/end user each week and provide a general statement about how they go above and beyond using the product.

    Everyone likes to be complimented and I think that's a big void that is missing within the customer journey…

    Not too many SaaS companies are doing anything in this space, so it will definitely set your company apart from it's competitors!

    If you have any merchandise to send them as well (water bottle, pen, notepad) that would be an added bonus.

    How do we celebrate the champions? Is the #1 question all teams (CS, Support, Product, Marketing, Sales) should be asking and identifying several options.

    I've got a few others ideas, if you want to chat more, connect with me on LinkedIn!

    Hope this helps!