Engaging Executives with Video/Voice Recordings

Alex Tran
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I'm trying to find new ways to engage with executives since they're so busy!

Has anyone tried leaving video or audio messages via email, like sending a recording of yourself to introduce?

Let me know what you think!


  • BenB
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    Hi @Alex Tran - great question , and nice job thinking outside the box! I use Video messages pretty often when trying to connect.  I do it to either get their attention (something different) .OR i have really interesting information to share and a video (via email) may be my one shot. 

    I will say though - video open rates have great success when they're a follow up to a phone call, EX - sending a follow up of results based on questions they had in a call.  However - if they're ignoring you the video isnt a silver bullet but its still worth the attempt.
  • Anita Toth
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    Great question @Alex Tran. I'm a big fan of video. I use Vidyard to send personalized messages and it works well.

    Some tips when sending:

    1. Keep it short (60 seconds max)

    2. Use it as a follow-up to email or phone like @Ben Bunting mentioned.

    3. Before you record, make sure you know the focus of the video, otherwise you're likely to ramble.

    Vidyard has a free course on the best practices (that's how I learned).

    Good luck with it. It's worth a try!

  • Daryl Colborne
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    Hi @Alex Tran,
    I've been using Drift Video to do this. When a prospect becomes a net-new customer, I send them a personalized video thanking them for their business and adding quick tidbits of information that I've learned from the Sales Team about why they purchased. It's a great touch to get the customer's post-sale journey started.

    My suggestion would be to use it critical points during the journey, but don't overuse it. While I don't have proof to back it up (yet), it may become "cheesy" if overused with one customer.
  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    I am like Darryl- I use Loom all the time to communicate small messages. I also use it internally to work with my team members to explain things without having to get on a zoom
  • Brooke Carrie
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    I recently tried to use video to try to engage with stakeholders who were not responding to my requests for QBRs. I kept them short, 60 seconds, and very high level and to the point....kind of a teaser to get them interested in the meeting. Not a single person opened the video. I am very curious to hear tips and tricks from those that are seeing success in how I can improve the videos. 

    I should also mention I sent it to customers who have a history of not engaging -  existing customers who recently have been assigned a CSM.
  • Dickey Singh
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    We have a product that generates Digital Business Reviews (DBRs) focused on the long tail but had to solve the same problem.  My suggestion is to bring an important recommendation into the subject line, not an insight teaser but a recommendation. We took a hint from Wayne's 7-pillars book and extended it further for his then team at Google. Happy to talk more details.

    Chad Horenfeldt
  • Cori Medler
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    Hi Alex,

    Great question. Thought I'd actually record you a video to give you an idea of how this can work. Click below to play!

  • Anita Toth
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    @Cori Medler That's the BEST response ever! ? ? 
  • BenB
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    @Cori Medler - what a response!
  • Bob London
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    Hi, Brooke.

    I may have shared this before but doing so again. I've had success with this email template, the goal of which is to engage the customer/prospect by reducing their level of effort to almost zilch. All they have to do is reply with a single digit. No clicks, no links, no cute copy. Obviously you have to customize the list for your own purposes. But try to keep it simple.

    In both CS and sales use cases, the response rate is over 50%, sometimes as high as 75%. While you don't get super-substantive insights, it's a start.

    Happy to answer any questions.

     - Bob

  • Michael Roberts
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    Hey Alex!

    Our support and success team made this a big focus on their work at the beginning of the year. 

    It definitely does make a difference. While I don't have specific numbers for executive outreach, I know our support team now requires our team to include their face whenever they record responses for our customers. Happiness scores have made a massive jump, with consistent weeks of perfect scores. The human element really does seem to make an impact. 

    IMO, video is still an area to stand out because not enough folks do it, it really shows the extra effort.

    Good luck!
  • EvaS
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    Hey @Bob London can you repost the template, please? I cannot see it. Is it only me?