Emily McIlwain
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Does anyone have any experience with Vitally? Someone internally brought them to me but their platform looks really weak.  Before I lean in I'd love to hear if anyone has experience with them - good, bad or indifferent. 

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  • Martin Edgar
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    Hi Emily,

    I've had a couple of calls with their sales team, sounds like a pretty standard offering, maybe a little leaner than the likes of Gainsight. I would also like to hear feedback from folks in this forum about onboarding, outcomes, etc. The G2 crowd ( has some positive things to say.
  • Cori Medler
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    Hi Emily,

    We are currently exploring Vitally and planning to move forward with it for a few reasons: intuitive user interface, quick & easy implementation, and enough customization to meet our needs. This means we wouldn't need a certified admin or dedicated role for this, like we would with something like Gainsight. It  may not have all of the functionality as Gainsight, but it meets our needs for our company's growth stage. For context, we've demo'd other CS softwares over the years (Gainsight, ClientSuccess) and have been trying to use Salesforce as a CS platform for the last 2 years with no success. 

    Curious to know what looks weak in Vitally's platform to you?

    Happy to chat more, too, if helpful!

  • SYoung
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    @Cori Medler Can you comment on your experience with Vitally? We are reviewing them seriously and I'd be grateful for your input.