Email subject line standardization

Rachel Yockey
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Has anyone had success or failure with standardizing email subject lines of the messages being sent from CSM's to end users?  We have a blend of automated tech touches and personal touches, and I'm just wondering if we can improve response rates if we direct users more through the subject lines.  My thought was:

Realync [Info] Feature Release Updates
Realync [Response Requested] How to improve x
Realync [Action Required] Login Instructions Enclosed

The topics of my examples above can be improved, but I'm specifically asking if anyone has tried including the [Info], [Response Requested], [Action Required], and had luck? Or if it bombed and I should avoid ;)




  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    I use Message from your Zoom CSM: Subject.....

    I also aim to make the subject actionable and personable. Kenny, Can you take a look into this? 

    This lets them know that this email is separate than all of their Zoom marketing materials. So if my customer is in the habit of deleting emails coming from the company, I use this subject line to differentiate.