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Elisabeth Courland
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Hello dreamteam,

I hope you are all going well ! 
I am wondering if a specific workflow exists when it comes to running change management for a new customer.
Once the implementation and onboarding are done (meaning the sponsor understand, believe and can defend our product), how can we get started when it comes to change management ? 
Would it be the exact same playbook for SMB and Big companies ? 

Thanks a million for your inputs ! 

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  • Andrew Marks
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    There are a variety of tools that can be applied to a change management strategy (e.g. The Case for Change, WIIFM, Communication Pyramid, etc...). But these tools need to be applied on a case-by-case basis. The best thing you can do is to create a generic framework of tools and standard messaging copy that can be adjusted and then applied to each particular customer situation. Remember, you should be providing the tools, but the actual change management efforts need to be delivered and managed by your customer. The best thing you can do is arm them with everything they need so there is little friction in them getting the messaging out to their staff.

    You would also likely use a different set of tools and messaging depending on the customer segment. But once again, there is no cookie-cutter approach to this. We recommend putting together a change management framework that is applicable to your solution, providing a superset of the tools and methods that could be applied, and then applying them as necessary depending on the situation. 

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    Hello Elisabeth, I recommend reviewing Prosci's ADKAR change management. Understanding these fundamentals could help you drive adoption of your product and services with your customers. ADKAR


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    Good morning Colby,

    Thank you for posting this advice on Prosci. 
    I downloaded a few of their e-books. They look like a fantastic source of information

    Best regards, 
    Aaron Brenes 
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