Simple low touch approaches

James Stuart
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I have seen a few posts on here regarding how do people support low touch/no-touch customers. Below I have outlined some quick and low-cost methods of doing this.
  • Customer Webinars on specific topics- Each month a CSM could deliver a webinar on a specific topic or product
  • Open office hours, A dedicated time once a week whereby customers drop in if they have any questions
  • Combined with marketing, Newsletters/Marketing reports/guides giving customers information on market/product insights, tip/tricks etc
  • FAQ's and Userguides- Really simple but really effective
Hope this helps and feel free to add to this list 


  • Gareth Tranter
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    I'd like to canvass your thoughts on short, simple video guides.  Animated or RL, but focussed on enablement and adoption activities; probably specifically aligned to your last point on FAWs and User Guides I'd think.

    I've seen great success with them, but time/cost to develop, deploy and version control are always points of resistance with Marketing and Product.

    Any thoughts?
  • James Stuart
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    Hi @Gareth Tranter

    You are right with producing actual videos you can send out to customers to take them through your product, these can be time-consuming and costly. Depending on the time to produce can also become null and void if you release a new product. I would only use videos if this was part of a wider long-term strategy whereby tech touch is at the forefront and you had dedicated resources to produce these (Marketing, Product, CS, Legal). 

    A more cost-effective and timely approach would be to produce PDF one-pagers that are simple to brand and create and often don't take up to much time. The can often be created by someone who has product knowledge then handed over to marketing for approval.  

    Many thanks
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    Hey James, may I  also suggest (shameless plug here) - instead of running live webinars which can be time consuming, resource heavy, and also limiting due to the number of sessions, to consider automating your webinar strategy using eWebinar or something similar. (Disclaimer: I'm the cofounder of eWebinar)

    eWebinar turns any video into an automated webinar, delivering the full webinar experience from registration to session starting, including reminder and follow up emails...all without the need for a live host.

    This is a super low touch and low cost way to engage with customers in an interactive way, giving them content they need at their own time since eWebinars are on a recurring schedule as opposed to a live webinar which has a fixed time (hence low attendance rate).

    Happy to chat and share use cases if you want to learn more. Don't want to seem like I'm self promoting too much here, but eWebinar is a solid solution for low touch/tech touches that also feel personal.