For team leaders out there - have you had any positive outcomes from additional workshops or courses

Effie Mansdorf
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I'm looking for specific organizations that conduct continuing ed or training workshops for Customer Success. Preferably remote, and not on site.

Any details on the type of course, who has conducted it and how it was beneficial is appreciated! TIA


  • Brian Hartley
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    I had our CSMs take a few classes fro Success League.  I don't know how much value they got out of the courses though.  Following this thread for other ideas.

  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    I highly recommend SuccessHacker. We used them at Duetto. The great thing about it was the weekly discussions (if you subscribe to that level) that we had around the subject matter of that week. Similar to what you and I are experiencing in GGR, we got to see multiple points of views because each participant came from a different company with different or similar business challenges they were trying to solve and what the content meant for their business.

    We all have had our aha moment, but everyone in the room having an aha moment is a profound thing. That really got the customer success juices flowing on a weekly basis.

    Because it is also a certification program that is also the only one certified as a Continuing Education course, it can be covered in tuition reimbursement programs and also gives your CSMs added motivation because they can call themselves certified when it is all said and done. My certifications helped me get interviews when I only had 8 months of experience as a CSM.

  • Kristi Faltorusso
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    I used SuccessHacker at BetterCloud and it was great. My team was transitioning into a more formal CS model so it did a great job of laying the foundation. I also am big on communications training. While I was at BrightEdge we had a 3rd party come in for 2 days and solely focus on communication and it was probably the most useful training I've had in my professional career. 

    I am in the process now of securing training budget for my team and then based on the feedback I provided them in their Employee review, recommending 1-2 Udemy courses for them to take that is more specific to their current gaps. 

  • Effie Mansdorf
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    Thanks everyone so far for your valuable feedback! 

  • Sharmila Nandwani- Nigam
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    Collaboration, open dialog with out of box thinking.  NO idea is bad, good ideas generally come from brainstorming which bad ideas are formed.  This MUST be done with mutual respect, transparency and trust. 

    As a senior member of my team, I collaborate with my colleagues and come up with new approaches in reaching out to our clients in a meaningful way that will show how much we care about how we can impact, support and grow their business with our solutions.  Showing clients that you truly want them to succeed is a win-win for everyone and that is the "game" I play.  If one party doesn't see or feel the value, then stop and figure out how to ensure this happens.  

    Communication with clients in a transparent manner is also very important.  I work with fortune 500 enterprise/global companies and the relationship I have with my POC are always open honest and down to a human level.  They want to make their target goals and so do I. So we talk about them so we can make a plan to win-win. 

    Ensure managers do not micro manage when they do not have to and to listen to the ideas their team has. This will also build trust and a strong team focusing on the goal of customer success.  

    Diversity and Inclusion Training, Emotional Intelligence, communication training, industry knowledge product (why it does what it does and how it can benefit the customer), negotiating skills and in my opinion personal development is the most important. I highly recommend Momentum Education based in NY and DC. Contact me directly on LinkedIn for more information as I am a graduate and it has changed my personal life and enhancing my career path.  

    If your internal customers are happy, your external customers will see it....... 

  • Gabriel Fallas
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    We don't yet have a budget (working on it) but I'm currently delivering a training on "CS Fundamentals" with different customer facing team's and the feedback has been great. We should always invest in our teams and seek way to help them gain skills at a professional level - it's a win-win situation.