Importing (data) from Excel to Powerpoint EBR template - is there a way?

Jennifer Frances
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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Our CSMs currently are having to manually enter data from a BI generated usage report >> Excel spreadsheet >> PowerPoint EBR template. This process can sometimes take up to 1 hour at each turn and each CSM has at least 1 EBR to customize each week, if not up to 3 or sometimes more.

We've looked into using a software to automate this and it works quite elegantly by using token/merge fields (and more technical efforts that are over my head), but I think we paused because the cost is a lot higher than expected. So, I'm trying to see if there is another DIY route we can use to do the same thing but I'm having trouble finding something with an online search.

Note that our EBR template has branded graphics and space for the numbered data to be entered manually (fake ex. "83 happy customers in 2021", "121 happy customers in 2022" etc), and does not consist of inserted Excel spreadsheets, which I know IS possible.

Does anyone have experience with this or other suggestions or recommendations so I can help shave off time for our CSMs?