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Cindy Wincek
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Hi All,

I usually take notes that I share with attendees as well as any action items and next steps.  Curious to see if there are any meeting collaboration tools / templates any of you all are using that you find helpful?  If so, why?

Currently, I use Fellow to manage my meetings and send meeting notes to ClickUp but the workflow setup between the two is pretty limited (using Zapier).  Does anyone else have any suggestions for meeting collaboration tools?  



  • Jennifer Frances
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    Hi Cindy,

    I recently discovered that Google calendar invites can have a "Take Meeting Notes" feature tacked onto the meeting and all attendees have access to this doc and can collaborate live, which can be easily referenced later within your Google Drive.

    It's proven quite handy so far because I can set up my meeting notes in advance of the meeting so that we have a guideline for the meeting and we don't get sidetracked.

    The Note is prefilled with the meeting name, date, and attendees. You can see a visual on this here:

  • Jeff Heckler
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    Hi @Cindy Wincek, I've had success using Evernote.
    Many individuals are familiar with it and there are ways to share with non-users.

    - Jeff