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Kayla Galli
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Hi there, 
Is anyone using Atlassian Service Management as their customer support portal? We are looking to switch over from Team Support so that our KB and our support portal both are under the Atlassian umbrella. 

If so, can you share a little bit about how it's going? What software you switched over from (if applicable)? Favorite features & Limitations?




  • NickH
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    HI Kayla,

    We have been using Atlassian for a number of years but it is only now that I have come into a newly set up CSM role that it has actually been looked at (it has never really worked the way it should) I have started reviewing it and have found that ensuring that the SLA calendars are set correctly is a key thing, we had one calendar that covered UK and US which just didnt work well with the SLAs. I now have split calendars which works better.

    The automatons have made a big difference as well. There are some out of the box but they are also very easy to set up.