How to celebrate client renewals (examples of how to reinforce a CSM and encourage them)

Jose sanchez
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Hi guys, I am a CSM Team Lead based in HK.

Up until today in my team, we have no way to reinforce the CSMs when a client renews. Winning takes effort and sweat so we need to find a way to:

  1. Motivate them, feel valued and recognized in the company

  2. Help them prioritize their goals as CSMs 

  3. Perceive client expansion and churn fighting as an opportunity to grow

The Question: how can we celebrate when we achieve success with our clients?

Does anyone have examples of best practices on how to do this in your company?

What are the most effective ways to reward CSMs so they keep motivated to renew and renew more accounts each year?


I was thinking about these 2 options:


A) Monthly email to the team sent by the CSM Lead with a summary of the renewals using positive language

D) Mention by CSM team lead or Founder on a slide in the Company meeting - congratulating them


Any other hints on your end?

Your suggestions would be super valuable :)


Thanks so much


  • Brian Hansen
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    This is a cool idea, Jose. I admit we have not done this specific thing at companies where I've worked, but I like the idea for sure. Keeping it simple to start with a monthly summary should work. You perhaps could add some flair with a couple of comments from CSMs on any interesting challenges that they faced in dealing with the renewal. Stories are powerful to share. You could also add a video message from yourself congratulating the team. People like videos. Good idea to do this!
  • Katie Stewart
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    We use the same approach our sales team uses!  We have a bell / gong setup and we ring it for renewals! 

    We also have a slack channel where renewals are automatically listed and celebrated and the team adds giphys and celebration notes in that channel!  

    Love the idea to play it up and celebrate even more though!
  • Stewart Stokes
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    Are you paying them for renewals?

    I like the suggestions above and think that celebrating people and their achievements is important.   But I'm also curious if there's any financial incentives in place to support this goal.
  • Tim Thomas
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    Recognition is always something that regardless of role we all appreciate and adds so much value to what you do - so great point to bring up here!

    I have done it a couple of ways (in addition to CSM's being bonused for renewals):

    1) As mentioned above, giving CSM's during Team meetings and Global Sales calls an opportunity to share a Success Story. For CSM team meetings, it is usually a Success story tied to a KPI that was being tracked or a Health score or perhaps even a renewal win. For Success Stories in Sales calls, we try to make it more defined where it is tied to $$ added (like a renewal or expansion)

    2) At another role, we also had a company wide notification go out on teams when a renewal was secured and which CSM it was tied to.

    I am pretty sure there are a lot of other ways to recognize CSM renewals and celebrate them for what they do.

  • Melissa Flygare
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    It's always important to recognize folks for their impact on the business!  We do a couple of things in our organization. 

    1) Anytime a renewal is closed, an announcement is made in a company-wide Slack channel.  The announcement may come from the VP of CS, or even directly from our CEO. They call out the CSM that closed the renewal & if there were any special circumstances that made it an especially great win.  Everyone piles on and congratulates the CSM for doing a great job! 

    2) In our weekly Town Hall meetings we include a slide with the logos that renewed during that week & each CSM that closed a renewal gets a minute or two to talk about their customer and share any wins/challenges with everyone.  

    Good luck!