Salesforce / Jira Connector for Bug Priortization

matthew kearns
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hi all,

does anyone have any experience or preference when it comes to integrating Jira with Salesforce? less interested in creating tickets in SF to be sent to Jira at the moment - mostly interested in connecting customer data (outside of name - such as ARR, segment, vertical etc) to Jira tickets (in this scenario: customer bugs) to help report in either of the two systems as a foundation of a bug priortization process.



  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Matt, 
    I am not sure if you will get much of a response, as we try to preach to not having CSMs part of the active bug process, as that should be in support's hands. Can you explain a little more of the end game here?

  • matthew kearns
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    The goal is not to have our CSM team involved in this process. Sorry if that was misleading. I’m just looking for anyone who has built this connection before, for a similar use case, before we move forward with something to accomplish this.
  • Leo Borisov
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    Take a look at Mulesoft products - they come with Salesforce and Jira connectors.
  • PankajGRZ
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    Hi @matthew kearns , I realize this suggestion is a little late, but I have a wonderful solution for you.

    Our solution Sinergify is specially built for your use case (connecting customer data into Jira as needed.) and can act as Salesforce® - Jira® Connector.

    Please let me know if you still want to learn more:-) I'm more than happy to connect with the team directly.

  • Michelle Wideman
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    @matthew kearns I've integrated Jira into SFDC to help provide a holistic view of the customer, so you can easily see how many issues a customer has had or is experiencing. For helping prioritize bugs or enhancement requests, I've typically aligned on a scoring system(ARR at churn risk, # of customer impacted, sentiment, etc) that the Success team would score than have a dashboard within Jira or Productboard to give engineering/product insights on where to focus.

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    This is awesome example Michelle of enhancing the data to get a more complete picture