Tools, Tips, Productivity Hacks for CSMs

Paulina Staszuk
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I am trying to compile a list of CS productivity hacks, tools, or tips you might have ....

Figured out a way to organize your customer emails in Gmail so you don't get overwhelmed? Please share.
Have a cool (free) chrome extension that has made your life as a CSM (or CSM leader) infinitely more enjoyable? Please share.
Your team doesn't have a CS tool, so you hacked together an amazing excel spreadsheet to track your renewals? Please, please share. 
Figured out a way to share customer feedback with your product/sales teams that people don't hate? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share!

I am looking for any interesting, unique tips/tricks y'all have come across/hacked together to make you even more successful as a CSM. I will cherish literally any and every comment. 



  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Calendly chrome extension has been a life-saver for me!