4 Keys to a GREAT QBR

Ashley Harpp
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Preparing for a business review can be stressful and overwhelming. This is true with low and high tough customers. If you haven’t had a conversation with a customer in months you might wonder where to start. Should I get deep in the weeds and discuss usage or should I talk about our latest features? What about our product roadmap? What about their product roadmap? If there was an outage recently, should you talk about that?

Have you ever brought up a topic with a customer and ended up harping on it for 80 percent of the meeting? It can be exhausting and frustrating for both you and the customer to have extended dialog over subjects that aren’t immediately actionable. Such discussions can easily take place during a QBR and consume the entire meeting. How can you lead a focused QBR that provides value to the customer without harping on the imperfections of the business relationship? 

Here are four tips that I’ve found helpful to driving a productive QBR.

These tips only scratch the surface. Share your QBR tips below!