How are you all continuing to keep your CS teams engaged and upbeat in converstations outside of cus

Gautam Sawhney
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  • Brian Hartley
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    • I have a daily stand-up with my team as well as weekly, 1 hour long, 1:1s with each member of my team (6 total).
    • I also encourage them to seek out other projects that can help break their day/week up.  It can be a lot to sit in on calls left and right with customers.
  • Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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    Clarify for me: Engaged in what way or engaged in what? 

  • Gabriel Fallas
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    Agreed with Kevin that I'm not entirely sure if you mean "engaged at work", or "engaged with clients," or you could even throw in "engaged with personal development". I'll assume the same interpretation that Brian did. 

    • Daily stand-up calls with my team at the start of the day (these last anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes). 
    • Weekly team huddles ( 30 min - 1 hr). 
    • Bi-weekly, mid-week strategy calls (45 min-1hr).
    • Bi-weekly 1-1's (30 min).
    • Individual professional development plans: We worked on creating plans for each and I encourage them to take a minimum of 1 hour a week (during work hours) to work on PD." 
    • Team growth plans: I just started this but I am aiming to give my team quarterly training workshops (twice a quarter if I can pull it off) on CS topics. We're coursing through our first one right one - "CS Fundamentals." The training session last 45min and take place once a week. Note: I wanted to do it bi-weekly but we had so much interest from other client facing teams that we had to split into two groups and unfortunately I can't manage to pull off 3 hours a week training others - I wish I could!
    • I encourage my team take a break whenever they need. I trust them and I remind them of that every week. If they say in a meeting "today has been exhausting" or "I haven't even gone on my lunch break!" then I always tell "right after this call go on your lunch break or go take a 5 min walk and get some fresh air." Trust and communication are vital. 

      Hope this is what you were looking for!
  • Rich Watson
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    We have bi-weekly pipeline reviews, my directors have weekly 1:1's and I host a monthly all team video mandatory meeting where we cover more strategic items. 

    We also do a great job of celebrating folks via SLACK - keeps folks upbeat and engaged on major wins both professionally and personally.