Sales to CS Knowledge Transfer/Hand-Off

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As a #customersuccess professional, the sooner you start setting the right expectations with the customers, sales team & other involved parties, the faster you can support your customers to achieve the outcomes they desire.

? A major part of this happens during 'Sales to CS Hand-off' in your Onboarding cycle.

A few months ago, I did a webinar on "Customer Onabrding & Education" where I talked about the Customer Life Cycle & resources one can utilize during each stage of the Life cycle.

Yesterday, I saw a question in the Gain Grow Retain community panel by Erika on the same topic & I could not help but share my thoughts on it (and below template). Thanks, Erika for pointing out a great question!

?? The knowledge transfer between Sales & CS in the initial stages of customer onboarding is very crucial.
??There is no perfect recipe for this. Keep in mind, every organization works differently.
??The clearer you can get about customer's expectations, the faster you can start presenting solution & that faster the customer start seeing the ROI.

So, here it is- Please Check out my questionnaire/checklist template?? for a smooth hand-off between Sales to CS.

?When transferring knowledge few things are important to keep in mind,

?WHO are the stakeholders? Key players? PMs?
?WHY are they interested in your solution?
?WHAT outcomes are they looking to achieve?
?WHEN is the deadline for this?
?HOW will this all play out? Next Steps?

Sales to CS Knowledge Transfer