Let's Give Some Feedback

Heather Wendt
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Just like in social media, you can share feedback with posts, either on the original thread and/or any responses that you want to highlight

I. Scroll to the bottom of the post or comment you would like to give feedback to and select from any of the options

  1. Flag – this option allows you to send a message to a Community Moderator about this specific post or a question in general
    1. It does not show up on the feed, and will not negatively impact the post unless a problem is identified
    2. As we work to keep our discussion feed free of self-promotion, this is a feature that can help us work with a contributor to change the way a post is framed to avoid being too ‘salesy’
  2. Quote – this option will pull the discussion into your comment, especially helpful if you are responding to a post with a lot of comments or want to call attention to a particular comment in your post
  3. Promote – this is a way to not only show your support for a post or comment, but to reward the contributor with points that will help them earn badges and ranks
  4. Agree – quick way to add your opinion
  5. Like – just like in social media, you are expressing a positive reaction to what a contributor has added to the CS conversation
  6. Vote Up – a stronger version of like
  7. Awesome – another stronger version of like
  8. LOL – if someone has tickled your funny bone, let them know
  9. Log – see all the reactions a post has had
  10. Twitter – share a post or comment directly to Twitter
    1. You will need to complete the login screen
  11. Facebook – share a post or comment directly to Facebook
    1. You will need to complete the login screen