Let's Work on Your Notifications

Heather Wendt
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Notifications allow you to find out what is going on within the community. You have the ability to control what and how you receive them.

I.                    Navigate to your profile by clicking on the circular icon on the top right 

a.      Select ‘Edit Profile’ in dropdown window

a.      Select Notification Preferences

a.      You have the option to receive an email, a pop up, or not be notified whenever something occurs in the GGR community. These options are broken down into specific behaviors, giving you a lot of control about how you hear about things.

Here are some behavior suggestions to have notifications turned on for:

  • Notify me of private messages
  • Notify me when I am invited to a group
  • Notify me when people write on my wall
  • Notify me when people comment on my discussions
  • Notify me when people mention me
  • Notify me when people comment on discussions I’ve participated in

Once you have followed at least one category, you will see the notification settings for that community as well