Training Courses to improve Call & Meeting technique

Good Morning everyone!

I am wanting my team to focus on the way they hold their calls & meetings as a CSM. I have a few team members who have an awesome approachable personality, but as soon as they get on a call they are very 'professional'. When I give them feedback they tend to struggle to find the line of a personable approach without becoming 'unprofessional'. The main goal is to improve their skills so they are engaging and create a good relationship with their client.

Does anyone have any great resources or training videos that can help build these skills for either me to train them better or give them better cues, or for my team members?


  • Adam Kroeger
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    Sophie, I have the same problem and need a similar solution so I'm really hoping someone has insight. Thanks for posting!

  • Robert OGorman
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    We are also wanting to adopt similar training for our team - we have a disconnect between CSMs at the moment in their approach to meetings. Following along to learn more. Thanks for posting, Sophie!

  • Shari Srebnick
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    Hi Sophie! A great potential resource here is @Bob London . He's fantastic and has great tools to help folks learn to ask better questions that lead to better - and more impactful - conversations. At my last job, I had him come and speak with my team on this very topic and they all walked away with actionable items that they were able to implement right away. The overall feedback was they felt it was valuable and more importantly, the quality of their conversations improved. I'd definitely reach out!

  • Bob London
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    @Shari Srebnick, thanks for the mention and kind words!

    @Sophie Quinn, @Adam Kroeger and @Robert OGorman - happy to provide more info as needed, including "freesources." Always looking to help the CS community.

  • Chad Horenfeldt
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    I would second @Bob London. I've been very impressed with his materials and have leveraged his approach in my own customer conversations.

  • Ty Raia
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    I'm late to the game here, but I would also recommend @Bob London. He was instrumental in helping me improve my communication, get more strategic.

  • Bob London
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    Thanks so much @Chad Horenfeldt and @Ty Raia. Right back at you and Shari, as I've learned so much from each of you.

  • Sophie Quinn
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    That's great, thank you for all of your recommendations I really appreciate it. @Bob London I'd love to learn more. I'll reach out on LinkedIn - let me know if you have a more preferred contact point.

  • Bob London
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    @Sophie Quinn, I replied to your LinkedIn message but you can also reach me at [email protected].

    @Adam Kroeger and @Robert OGorman - same for you both!

    - Bob