Are your Support teams using Salesforce?

Josefin Mansson
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Hi there! Our CS and Support team are working very closely (22 colleagues in total today, and 10 at the same time last year). We have recently moved from Hubspot to Salesforce as our "single source of truth" for most things related to our bigger enterprise clients. For now, only our CSMs and the Sales-team is using SF, but not our Support specialists. If I could, I would ideally want to give access to Support but unfortunately Salesforce isn't exactly free 😅

So right now we are trying to figure out how other successful CS-teams has done when it comes to access to CRM systems? How do you knowledge share? Pros/cons with giving access to Support? Any lessons learned to share?

Happy to connect with fellow SaaS & CS peers 👋


  • carrie.mayfield
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    Hi @Josefin Mansson ,

    At a previous company we used Salesforce across our sales & support teams. It was really helpful to have 1 single source of truth so that information didn't have to be transitioned to multiple tools, and everyone was working from the same information. We experimented with Freshdesk, but ultimately went back to Salesforce because we couldn't get the data to sync properly. We redesigned Service Cloud (Salesforce's ticketing solution) to fit the needs of the team and ensure we could track the right metrics. You're right that Salesforce isn't free, but it fit the needs we had the best out of several options we reviewed. Hope this is helpful!

  • Sean Wilkes
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    Until recently we had all 3 teams in SF. It just wasn't working for us so we've implemented Zendesk and Catalsyt with an investment in the integrations between the 3 to make sure that the information that needs to Flow is visible in the systems it needs to be.

  • Charlotte Naylor
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    We just implemented a Support Team using Service Cloud (the support function in SF). If I had to do it again, I probably would have gone a different route. Reporting & dashboards are just not intuitive. And non-existent for the Knowledge base articles. We worked with a consultant to implement Service Cloud, so they did most of the heavy lifting with implementation, but they could only work within the boundaries of Salesforce. 
  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I have used Salesforce several times over the years. Once for sales, CS, services and the customer facing community. In another example we used Salesforce for sales, Zendesk for support and another tool for CS that integrated with SF. It can be a challenge figuring out where to look for what and know what data fields are the source for each. I prefer using SF as the single source and a CS tool that easily integrates.