Churnzero Integrations - limitations?

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Hi all,

We are currently in the process of evaluating CS Platforms and have narrowed it down to three Churnzero, Gainsight, and Planhat. A bit of an open question on my end is Churnzero's native integrations and the lack of "control" that one has over the configuration and admin of the integrations, as Churnzero implements them, themselves. I cannot seem to find a more detailed overview than this page here:, which is quite high-level and does not really provide the level of granularity needed to make an accurate assessment.

While I see how "outsourcing" your integrations can be helpful during implementation, I generally would consider this a risk going forward as we would not have any control over their configuration and would be reliant on Churnzero which could act as a bottleneck and slow down CS ops delivery.

I think this approach can be great for companies with limited resources (in terms of headcount) and technical know-how, but my current org. will have 4 FTEs in CS Ops by Q1 23, that's not really as much of a value-add as for other orgs.

I am blowing the perceived risks of this out of proportion? I am trying to make sure that we do not run into issues further down the line.

Thanks so much!


  • Gary Allum
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    We use ClientSuccess, and I have been the one to do the work on the integrations. If you don't have any kind of granular control on field mapping and such, then I would for sure be concerned on the bottleneck of speed of implementation. Heck, our integration has led to some changes in process as it has brought to light certain issues, and I cannot imagine giving up that control.

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    We have been a ChurnZero shop for the past 3 years and while not having control over the integrations isn't ideal. I can say that CZ has been responsive when changes are needed and we have worked really well with our CSM @ CZ to streamline the process.

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    We use ChurnZero to good effect with salesforce, their integrations are a little in the background but their outbound APIs based on segments are very cool. We replaced an entire relationship database by connecting to the data via ChurnZero. We do find it easier to import data to objects in salesforce first then have them come into ChurnZero but we have a mix of both direct and indirect imports.

    If you are embedding into you software though for end user tracking that is an area we have left to pendo.