How To Find A Mentor

Jacob Voyles
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Hi all! I am new to the platform and was told to join the community by a fellow CX individual. After reading many articles and books on CS ( I have been in it for about 3 years now ) I keep reading and hearing about the importance of mentors, but not how to get them. Any suggestions?



  • Simon Cundall
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    Hi Jacob,

    I found joining the local meetup group (Colorado Customer Success), as a great way to meet a bunch of CS contacts quickly, and that made it easy to quickly see who could potentially be a good fit, and who's values aligned with mine. I also spend a good amount of time on LinkedIn reading through posts and profiles, and try to do at least one informational interview a month to hear what other leaders in Customer Success are working through.

    I think the key to this is making networking a constant part of your professional growth, and through that good candidates for mentorship will likely emerge.

    I hope that make's sense - all the best in your search.

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    Hey Jacob - mentoring can be pretty transformational for both mentee and mentor.

    I'm currently on the panel of volunteer mentors over at the Customer Success Network. Theres about 90 mentors, and the mentor program is run through Mentorloop (one of hte leaders in this type of platform).

    I wont share the link here in case it brakes any rules, but if you google 'Customer Success Network' you'll be well on your way to finding what I'm talking about!