Implementing ChurnZero for a scaled CS model

Hi GGR community!

I'm new to my company, and my first initiative is to implement ChurnZero for our CS org. We have both a high-touch and scaled CS model. I'm curious to know if anyone has setup ChurnZero (or another CSP) for a scaled model and your approach/learnings if so. Let me know in the thread, and I'd be happy to jump on a call too! Thanks!


  • Bora Lee
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    Hi Cori, I think ChurnZero is set up well for a scaled model. You can segment, track behaviors, run automated plays and calculate health based on the multiple persona types.

    A big part of this being successful, in my opinion, is being able to understand your customer base, build the characteristics of different types of customers you want to manage, and then identify how you want to follow up with these customers (do you have resources, self service training, support, etc). Once you have this you can build these into the system. 

    I would look into Segments, Plays, Churn Scores. If you want to track time to first value, then you may also want to look into Journeys. 

    Your ChurnZero CSM should be a fountain of valuable information but I am also happy to chat. 

  • Kimmie Harrington
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    @Bora Lee
     Thanks for the insight! @Cori Medler
    As Bora mentioned, always happy to help you!
  • Amber Monroe
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    Hi Cori! 

    We are actually implementing ChurnZero right now, just finished team training two weeks ago and have both a scaled/pooled model and a high touch model for segments of our customers. We should connect, I can share with you what we’re planning on doing and I’m happy collaborate on ideas here! 
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    I know this is an older (relative) post, but I wanted to ask if your orgs (who are implementing) have dedicated resources doing the configuration and implementation (versus some CSM taking this on as a side project). 
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    I see that this post is quite dated.

    Implement for Customer Success, not just for a single segment, which is what I think you are proposing. If you do use it just for your smallest segment you miss the opportunity to scale the simple stuff for all customers and create a perception of your tool being something "they" use, you know that group that does the scut work. Once that mindset sets in it is hard to change.