Establishing a Capacity Model for CS

Tim Tietz
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I am trying to establish a capacity model where I will be able to see when my reps have reached capacity and are in danger of going beyond that threshold.  My data sources are intercom, booked calls & inbound phone calls - my blocker is the calculation.  Should I calculate annually/quarterly and Monthly to get base per? or is there another calculation I'm missing? 


  • Mikael Blaisdell
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    You should also track research time for them to stay up on what's happening with their assigned customers.  And internal meetings, admin stuff.  And do -not- try for more than 70% utilization.
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    Rather than focus on total text and phone time, I recommend you measure the time required for the tasks being completed, Tim. This ensures the time they spend in these activities is actually productive. The approach I take with my clients is to map the customer journey and then associate time to each of the tasks. Preferably, this is done using a time study, but lacking that data, an estimate can often suffice. If you can get to hours/account/year, both for new (requiring more time and attention onboarding) and established (requiring maintenance and expansion), you can then calculate required FTE because the number of available work hours in a year are fixed. Keep in mind this only gives you an average, but variance is high, so managers must still use good judgment assigning individual workloads. Happy to talk through a few examples if it helps!