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Curious, does anyone have experience setting up action (or inaction)-triggered cadences? 

How do you ensure users don’t go through the same cadence more than once? 

Is there something I’m overlooking? 

To give some background—

The service at my company is free - commercial real estate brokers give us their data to unlock our data (“Exchange” platform - that’s what I work on). And we make money on our Enterprise platform by selling the data through subscription licenses to financial institutions. 

We’ve just implemented a sales process that just covers the first 90 days after someone becomes a user, but it isn’t responsive to the person’s behavior and it seems like there’s a big opportunity here for helping to create good user habits early on and expanding the process to include all stages of the user journey. 

The actions we want users to take are logging in at least a few times per month, “unlocking” pieces of data, and submitting data to us (that’s the most important and hardest milestone to get people to).

I was thinking it would be helpful to set up cadences triggered by a user action (like when someone unlocks a comp for the first time, or after their 3rd login session) and inactions (like a cadence that tries to get someone to login after they haven’t for 5 weeks).

These would ideally be based on persona since we’d expect fewer logins from a broker than a researcher, for example. 

But we wouldn’t want people to be enrolled in the same cadence more than once and get the same communication again (like if they didn’t log in for a long period on multiple occasions). 

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Shira!  Segmenting your customers for purposes like you describe above is extremely helpful.  Do you use a CSM Platform of any type?  I know that you can do this through some platforms (I know ChurnZero will allow it).  You would filter by the first time anyone enters the segment the first time.  It can also be a part of the playbook that would only allow a customer to enter into the play one time, hence keeping them from having the same thing sent twice.