growing my "strategic thinking" muscles in CS operations

My boss has challenged me to contribute strategically in my role leading the customer success operations team. Searching for inspiration, I came across a table at that I adapted to what I aspire for our team.

I'd welcome pointers on my journey to more deliberate strategic thinking.



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    I think that table is a fair overview to help orient someone to the different facets of Customer Success. As you look to see how you can increase your contributions to the team and their strategic initiatives, I'd encourage you co consider which of those areas has the greatest need by evaluating which of those have the strongest impact and weakest input. Look at what is within your control and how you can contribute to that input to make a difference.

    In some cases, you may be looking at those roles/responsibilities and consider how those items may relate to a bigger picture. For example, is there a high percentage of churn in onboarding? If so, why? What feedback is the team receiving? Is any of that within your control? If so, what strategic initiatives should be launched? What strategies support those initiatives?
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    Michael, thank you for your suggestions and questions to consider. Have a great weekend.