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susan franklin
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Hello everyone happy to be here, I have a question I really hope someone would take out time to answer me thank you as you do so, I have worked as a customer service rep for years now, I really want to transition into CSM but I don’t know how to go about it? I’m wondering if anyone knows the best way to achieve this. Do I need to enroll for online courses to get CSM certification, please can anyone share few ways to help me achieve this goal thank you. 


  • kmulhalljr
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    Hi Susan - great question. Without knowing where you're at (and have been) in your career trajectory a straight move into the field may or may not be a challenge. Personally, I went from front line customer service to an account executive then into customer success. I've found there's a bit of a hierarchy and taking a look at people in the field's LinkedIn work history is a good way to start. As far as education, my focus during the last 3-4 years has been primarily in technical certifications because, well I'm a 'technical' CSM, but things like Scrum Master, PMP, etc. may make sense to take up as well. At a fundamental level even just digging into general reading on the subject is a good place to go as well. Understanding the terminology is IMO very important, as the internal conversations you'll have decision makers are about demonstrating (through data) where the value-adds are into what you've performed as an employee. Feel free to shoot me a message, or '@' mention me, if you have any additional questions. 
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    @susan franklin, I agree with @kmulhalljr. From my research and conversations with CSMs, I have heard that a couple (1-2) certifications can help show that you understand CS terminology and work, but don't spend your time getting too many certificates. Most CS hiring managers and recruiters have told me that reframing your work experience is the best way to get a CS role. For Example, maybe in your last role, you did CS work because the organization didn't have a CSM. I did the SV Academy Customer Success Fellowship which gave me a bunch of CS certifications. Feel free to message or mention me. I'm happy to share more resources. Good Luck!
  • John Brunkard
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    Hi Susan, I would like to suggest some Customer Success Books to read. There are many great books. Here are a few to get started.

    If you have access to LinkedIn Learning - there is a very good Customer Success Training course by PracticalCSM - 

    I would also recommend the SuccessCoaching Training courses that have certifications -

    Hope this helps. 
    John Brunkard
    Snr Director, Head of Customer Success, APJ @ Sitecore
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    Hi Susan, I would also recommend doing some informational interviews with CSM's in your company or in your network.  They can maybe recommend paths they took to get where they are.  They also may volunteer to help mentor you.
  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    Hi Susan! It is a natural career path. I am happy to share more about it and my story with you anytime.