Reoccurring Office Hours Set Up (software/set up)

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Hey All -

This is my first post so my apologies is content exists on this topic already, and/or, if I do this wrong.

I'm really excited to be working for a startup that's bringing in lots of clients and my goal is, you guessed it, to gain, grow and retain them. My desire is to set up reoccurring office hours. The challenge I'm facing here is how do I set up time that's reoccurring, but have different attendees for each one? 

Even when I think about onboarding how are folks scaling this well, specifically from a set up standpoint. If I'm onboarding Monday, Wednesday and Friday, how do I set up reoccurring meetings, but in a way that isn't showing up for the same attendees for all 3 days?

I really hope my question(s) make sense here.

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    If you have a community or centralized resource center I’d post the links there and remind customers frequently of the resource center and office hours call. Remind them with a link in signature lines, while on the phone with them, in the onboarding packages, etc

    if you don’t have a centralized resource center try something like This should be an easy way to provide clients that are onboarding (or existing) a quick centralized place for all important documents, reoccurring calls, resources, etc
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    Hi Kesse - I currently run three recurring customer 'office hour' sessions. What products make up your current technology stack? Knowing what applications your company uses would be helpful in identifying whether the appropriate solution already exists and just needs to be scaled or whether bringing in another tool might make sense.