Replacing ChurnZero with Planhat

Andrea Brisker
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We're considering ripping out ChurnZero and replacing it with Planhat. We've had ChurnZero for 3 years and have grown dissatisfied with some of the recent changes. 

Has anyone done a rip and replace to Planhat? Anything we should be aware of in terms of functionality ChurnZero had and Planhat doesn't? 

Thanks so much! 


  • Amanda Watson
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    Hi Andrea! I wish I had some helpful insight, but we are in the process of talking to both vendors along with others to select a CS/Customer Health platform. I am interested to know what doesn't work for you for ChurnZero and what attracts you to Planhat? 

  • vurveyandrew
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    Same question as above as we are looking at Planhat as well as Vitally and Gainsight this week to pull the trigger on something next week.
  • Javed Maqsood
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    Hi @Andrea Brisker - If you have had ChurnZero for some time and there is dissatisfaction, then my advice would be to document everything that you consider as shortcoming in the current platform. Map that to your ideal state of workflow, that applies to your business, product and customer journey. 

    Bring those forward as must have functionality / use cases / support scenarios that you want PlanHat to solve. Ask them how they would solve it from a technology, integration, workflow and support perspective. 

    Lastly, can Planhat emulate the functionalities that are working well? 

    If you are satisfied with all the answers, proceed. 

    Hope this is helpful.


    Javed Maqsood
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  • Rich Rans
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    @Andrea Brisker would love to learn more about your challenges with ChurnZero.  I'm in early stages of an implementation and would value your lessons learned.

    If you're willing to share your challenges or lessons learned that would be truly valuable.
  • You Mon Tsang
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    @Andrea Brisker I am the CEO and Co-founder of ChurnZero and I would appreciate the opportunity about the any recent changes to ChurnZero that has caused dissatisfaction. I'll reach out directly but I am also available at to anyone on this forum.

    We are investing heavily in our platform and service, having doubled our customer success and engineering team in the past 12 months. And we continue to be the highest rated with the most momentum on G2. 

    But I also understand not everyone has the same experience so I would love to hear about yours.

  • Ana Leasman
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    I never used ChurnZero but I went from 0-100 with planhat and never looked back. I have been using the platform for the past 3 to 3 1/2 years - I can tell you that of all platforms I tested, used prior to planhat, none of them gave me the control I needed to run CS as they do. I wanted a platform I could easily control, create projects, run NPS, customer portals, and one stop shop to report everything CS related. Never found a better tool than planhat. Technical or non technical, planhat to me was just easy to use (I never used the API/nothing like that). Andrea, if you want to chat for 15 let me know, I can tell you about my experience and I promise you planhat is not paying me and I do not work for them, I am just a big fan of the platform - it helped me a lot.