Customer Success - Where From Here?

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While my guess is the topic has been previously discussed, I was recently out to dinner with some engineering and DevOps friends that were curious about Customer Success. They spoke about the evolution of Program and Product Management and how those roles have changed just within the last 3-5 years. That had me thinking, what is or are the next step(s) for Customer Success Managers? How will our roles advance, bifurcate, or even be nested within another part of an organizational framework? Would love to get people's feedback on what they've seen and think!



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    I expect a shift from a standard single CSM role to a hybrid digital/directed engagement model. This will lead to new roles in CS, especially around content creation, operations and consulting.

    Gainsight put together a helpful guide on this topic.

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    I'd follow on to Rich's comment. More specialization will come into play.

    I see more roles happening around scaled customer success - these roles aren't new right now but I do see them becoming more popular within CS teams specifically.

    💌 Customer marketing - program execution and marketing distribution

    🎨 Content Creator - lead producer across multi-channel

    📊 CS Ops Analyst - actionable insights on where to drive focus

    🌍 Community Manager - peer-driven experiences

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    Thanks @Rich Rans for the link & @Jeff Breunsbach for the insights

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    I think where companies are having to make decisions on staff numbers, they'll be looking to group multiple roles together into one. CS will either be split into a more post-sale + renewals role, or a more technical CS function that can offer a customer technical help and support as well as project/change management.

    That might all change when/if we see people getting overloaded and not being able to offer the best service for customers, but for now it is a problems companies are going to have to deal with.