Evolution of Account Strategy through Customer Journey

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How do you evolve your account strategy throughout the customer journey? One template, with placeholder for metrics and strategies as the customer iterates through onboarding, ramp-up, maturity, adoption, expansion - whatever your journey steps are?

Or do you prefer separate account strategy templates as the customer goes through different phases?

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    @Jeff Heckler @Jeffrey Kushmerek @Julie Fox @Mike Zahller @Amanda Watson @Ed Powers any thoughts on evolving account strategies throughout the customer journey?

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    An account plan is an internal tool, usually used by an enterprise account team to map stakeholders and to document approaches to growing a customer account. 

    On the other plan a success plan is a customer facing tool that allows us to identify discrete goals the customer has and the initiatives we will work on together to bro g those goals to fruition. 

    A success plan is somewhat generic so that it can be tailored to any stage of the customer experience. I like to think about these in terms of annual goals and monthly or quarterly initiatives  that drive attainment of those goals. 

    Here’s a template that may be helpful as you think through this: