Who does CS report to?

Natalie Challier
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ChurnZero put out a great new study surveying 1,037 customer success leaders. One thing that stood out to me was their finding that 53% of VPs of CS report to the CEO or COO and 17% to CRO/VPS. There is no mention of a Chief Customer Officer. Is the CCO a nuanced role?


  • ashley_martin
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    My opinion is that it is still a new role in the industry. I think we will see more CCO's in the near future. Where I work we report to the CEO, but all of sales reports to the COO which I find to be quite interesting.

  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    CCO here!

  • MarkStagi
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    I’ve seen CCO’s more and more common at mid to larger sized companies. What was the breakdown of company size in their report?

  • John Brunkard
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    At Sitecore, Customer Success reports into the Chief Customer Success Office (also referred to as the Chief Customer Officer). The same role also managers Sales and Professional Services, reporting directly to the CEO.