How do you tackle the issue of quiet quitting in your team?

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Hi everyone!

As someone who’s passionate about building a positive work culture where everyone is engaged and motivated, it’s concerning to know that quiet quitting has become a pressing reality in the CS world.

What do you think motivates disengaged CS staff to stop quiet quitting?



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    Pay people what they're worth and what they need.

    Offer growth and development for the team (even if they then upskill and leave the business)

    Offer flexible working (time and location)

    Don't micromanage - you hired adults, treat them like adults

    Communicate properly internally so people know what is happening across the company

    If you do that, then you shouldn't have a problem with quiet quitting.

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    Its key to understand why the team members are quiet quitting. Usually delving a little deeper into their state of mind during 1-1s helps and then address the root causes, which could be any of the ones listed above. In general. the team needs to feel connected to a common cause/goal and should be able to see clear individual gain for themselves as well (What's in it for me). And most importantly their gains from staying engaged and performing need to clearly outweigh the opposite behavior.

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    Favorite post on this topic:

    Major role of the manager is to ensure everyone is growing, challenged and delivering results.