Have you implemented CS Ops?

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I'm preparing a longer piece on CS Ops as a whole and would love to add some real stories from you fine folks!

If you’ve successfully optimized CS Ops, how did you do it? How did everything look like before you started? Where are you at now?

Any insight you have would be very welcome. There's a lot of theory on this topic, but very few actual experience-based insights. Great answers get featured, tagged, all the nice stuff 😊



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    CS Operations contributed to all aspects of CS as Procore grew. During the early years of extreme growth we focused on streamlining processes and employee onboarding as we wanted to create a cohesive and consistent customer experience. This meant we needed a centralized location for content and documentation of our standard operating procedures. We leveraged Salesforce, Confluence, Guru, and Mindtickle. We then added in tools like Skuid which helped to streamline how employees entered information into Salesforce and eventually rolled out Tableau for insights and tracking.

    One thing to note as you build your Ops team is to ensure you have clear lines of ownership. It's so easy to become what we called "the kitchen sink" where you're thrown into anything and everything. Stay close to leadership and make sure to tie your efforts back to the core strategy and goals of the organization. The success of the department is YOUR success so make sure to highlight the work you've done and ways in which you contribute to employees hitting their quotas and KPIs!