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Dear GGR Community,

I`m looking for your input regarding QBRs.

What`s your script for those meetings? Which questions do you ask?

What are your goals?

How do you approach upsell/cross-sell?

Is anyone willing to share a QBR presentation you use?




  • Heather Wendt
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    @Bob London would love to hear what you have here!

  • Bob London
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    @Heather Wendt - thanks for highlighting this. There's actually a link at the bottom of the latest GGR podcast to a free resource that addresses this with a ton of specific tools, tips and guidance!

    Here's the GGR link: https://podcast.gaingrowretain.com/e/focus-on-your-customer/


    EvaSLexi Santiago
  • HetalUdani
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    Hi Eva,

    I built several automated QBR reusable templates where every quarter the data would auto refresh. The pipeline was Salesforce (Opportunity Data) -> Snowflake -> Tableau -> Google Slides. We had a Book of business summary where we calculated Up For Renewal base, renewed base, GRR, NRR . The next slide was the historical trends and slices by deployment, tenure, demographics, etc. Under Insights Slides , we broke the performance by Conversion analysis, churn indicators, customer health, industry and ARR segments. Under forward looking, we had Quarter +2 forecasts to upsell, cross-sell , retention and expansion $ outcomes. Feel free to PM me as i can show the presentations as well.

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    I heavily suggest the COR framework from Kristi -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_AUuGm766I

  • Charlotte Naylor
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    I work in EdTech and we call them "Implementation Reviews" and introduce them as a way to "progress monitor" their implementation of the product. Using language the buyer can relate to makes it easier to get them scheduled.

    We survey the end-users using an anonymous survey and use the data to celebrate successes and identify any training opportunities, as well as expansion opportunities.

    We have a call at the beginning of the school year for every customer to kick the school year off and set the dates for our mid-year and end-of-year reviews at that time. Getting them on the calendar early is the key with busy district leaders.

    This is our second year of doing implementing this process and find it to be very effective, especially with larger customers.