Types of CSM?

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I recently discovered about Enterprise CSMs and while I am still a little unclear about how that role differs from your normal CSM, I was curious about how many other types of Customer Success Managers there are?


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    @Ajgruber different companies have various titles to help provide leveling/promotion paths within their Success organization. I have worked at companies that have used: Customer Success Advisor(handled smaller accounts, ratios of 1 CSA to 150+ accounts), Customer Success Manager(handled mid size to large accounts, ratios of 1 CSM to 35-50 accounts), and Customer Success Directors(handled strategic accounts ratios of 1 CSD to 8-40 accounts). My current company has Commercial CSM, Enterprise CSM, and Strategic CSM. The variance in the role typically depends on the number of customers the position is responsible for, customer ACV, and success offerings. For the CSA and Commercial CSMs this is more the digital touch/tech touch strategy where you try to automate Success motions as much as possible. For CSMs, CSDs, Enterprise/Strategic CSMs, this is a higher touch model can require travel as you're meeting with customers face to face. These more senior roles tend to require more business and technical acumen and the ability to be successful in engaging with product users and executives.

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    Thank you for letting me know! This is so helpful

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    There are also Customer Success Architects for more technical engagements. However as a ballpark, Strategic and/or Enterprise CSMs are more senior CSMs who typically manage some of the biggest (in terms of ARR and potential) and highest touch accounts.

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