How to keep or register feedback

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Hello everyone,

I am working on building a CS team (it has been a year now). I have begun creating all the data base and the KPI's.

Now I want to register somehow all the feedback I get from meetings and calls. I was wondering if you have a method to do this or you just update the client profile in your CRM.

I am thinking on just writing the feedback down in the CRM, but I will like to have something more visual, so I don't have to check the whole client profile.

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    Hello - Want to make sure I'm clear, when you say "I have begun creating all the data base and the KPI's." what type of data base?

    So I'm clear, are you trying to capture client/account feedback, opportunity process and meeting notes kind thing?

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    Assuming this is product and feature request type feedback, you may want to explore some of the low-cost solutions to manage this information. If you can start being data-driven with Product/Engineering on customer feedback about the product, and how that changes, all teams can think more critically about roadmapping to either build out the hotly desired items or, at least, try to address the painpoints called out by these requests. But without data, all that is anecdotal and it starts to be a harder conversation from CS since there is ALWAYS new feedback, and it can be risky to only listen to the loudest individual voices vs. all/segments of customers at scale.

    Long story short, yes yes, everything noted in the CRM for posterity, BUT starting to find a way to look at this feedback on a higher level and with a goal of catering to said feedback with development and/or CS talk tracks.

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    Thank you for your help @shonafenner

    @aleibowitz I'm sorry, I didn't give more background. Right now CS is working with the key accounts. I mean I don't work with every customer, but with the big accounts. I have created a more detailed data base like how the customer works, their objectives, how they use the product...

    Now I want to work on their feedback. I want to register all the important feedback to work on it. Also to see if what they say in a conversation matches what another customer says. All this is first hand feedback. I'm not talking about the surveys for example, but what a customer says during a phone call.

    And my question was if you register or keep all that information somehow so you can consult it afterwards.

    Thank you,

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    Hello @iara, lots of options here! For earlier stage starts up, putting this information in a CRM is a great first step. If you have cross functional teams that want to view this data, putting it in Slack and integrating Slack with your CRM is a good second step. Purchasing a CSM Platform is the most mature route, for you can start to set triggers based on actions. Ex: if a customer is over deployed or close to over deploy set up an automation to engage for an upsell opportunity, if a customer is under deployed by a certain amount of time set up a trigger to automate a action to push adoption to minimize churn. If you're looking for other posts on CSM platforms this is a good one:

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    Most commonly I've stored product feedback/feature requests in an issue tracking tool such as Jira. This is then owned by Product, so they can move, consolidate, enhance and assign issues for work. Sure your CSM team would need to know how to go into Jira (for example) and look for information. I don't feel like that is too significant of an ask, and can be made easier with some standard reports.

  • iara
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    Thank you @Michelle Wideman and @Rich Rans for your ideas. They are very helpful!

  • TomTom
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    Hello @iara

    Depending on the kind of feedback that you are receiving, try to categorize it under defined custom variables in your CRM. This could allow you to build dashboards or operate the data more easily. You might sacrifice capilarity, but it can help by quantifying. If the feedback changes a lot depending on who you are talking to, maybe bring in someone from product to a few client meetings ... i think that the question on how to effectively process customer feedback is a shared challenge for product and CS teams.