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We are planning to implement a CS Platform this year that we hope will help us have a 360 customer view in the platform, automate some CS motions and playbooks and give us greater ability to manage our customer risks and upsells. Bi-directional APIs / Intergrations with our other tools is also very important to us.

We have been evaluating Vitally, Planhat and Catalyst. Does anyone have experience using these CS Platforms and would be willing to share you feedback (either here or privately?)


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    Hello there! We moved from Vitally to Planhat earlier this year (completed the migration in May) and we've been really happy with Planhat.

    Vitally worked really well for us for years and they have a great UI. As our organization is becoming more complex, there were some automations and reporting we were hoping to do within the CS Platform itself and found that planhat gave us more flexibility to leverage our data in the way that we want to see it. The Planhat APIs and documentation are robust which was a big selling point for us. Catalyst wasn't able to offer the breadth of an external API that we needed to integrate with our complete stack, though they have a number of native integrations.

    We still have a lot to learn in Planhat, the flexibility also means that there's a lot to work with and it's easy to get distracted if your team isn't aligned on what needs to be prioritized. The reporting piece has been a game changer for me as it's easy to create new account fields, set up automations so that the data is accurate without manual intervention, and then visualize the data in a number of different ways.

    Good luck with the search!