New CSP guide from Forrester

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Came across this great new resource and wanted to pass it along! This new Forrester report evaluates the following CSPs to help companies choose the right one. Here's the first line about each of the main CSPs:

  • "Catalyst Software has solid capabilities for some but lacks standout features"
  • "ChurnZero elevates CS but needs simpler reporting and playbook configuration"
  • "ClientSuccess offers fast time to value but lacks enterprise functionality"
  • "Gainsight offers depth and breadth — which contributes to its significant complexity."
  • "Planhat has solid data chops, but a disjointed solution forces users to connect the dots."
  • "SmartKarrot is simple to use but is a "starter" option for B2B customer success"
  • "Totango offers laudable flexibility but at the expense of simplicity"
  • "Vitally is easy to implement and use but lacks feature parity"

Interesting assessments of each vendor! Definitely worth a read if you are figuring out which CSP to go with, and to scale with longterm.

Ungated version of the report can be found here.