Internal movement: Technical Support to Customer Success


I would love advice and guidance for an internal move.

I have been with my company for two years. I started as a CSI analyst and am currently a Technical Support Engineer. I have a diverse background in Customer Service, Training, Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales and Cybersecurity.

I've utilized both external and internal networks and communities to help. I've reached out to my co-workers who are CSMs, AEs, and SEs for advice, questions, and shadowing. They have helped with so much by showing the daily workflow and letting me watch their QBRs. The hiring managers for both CSM teams were others that I have made great connections with and I am currently awaiting a chat with the Chief of Customer Experience. I believe I've done most of the hard work and have much of the needed ask for the role.

I just want to make sure I am not missing anything, so I can have the confidence I need when talking to the recruiter and the hiring manager (again, hopefully).



  • tejash_24
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    You have done pretty good job and covered almost everything to cover the ground. Additional steps I would suggest is to hit youtube and lookout for videos on first 30 days of CSM. It will help you immensely

  • Jordan Silverman
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    @Chimeria Gonzalez you are hustling and doing the hard work which is 90%! I would add a few other things but also note that your company should see how much effort you are putting in and reward you next time a CSM opening comes up.

    • If your company uses a call recording software ask for access so you can listen to CSM calls - great thing to do in the background as you do your current job
    • Study up on the KPIs that CSMs report on
    • If CSMs use a different tool try to begin learning that tool

    Final thing I would say is don't hesitate to ask your company this same question. I want to be a CSM - what do you want to see me do to get the next CSM job opening?

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  • Andrew Shoaff
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    Sounds like you are on the right path. In addition to the above make sure you fully understand the business of SaaS - Gross Retention, Net Retention, Renewal Rates, etc - and how CSMs contribute directly to the financial health of the organization. A CCO will want to see that you appreciate the scope of the role and not just the daily activities.

    One more thing that could help you longer term, if you haven't already take the SuccessHacker CSM level I course. It's $99 so even if your company won't pay for the tuition it would be a worthwhile investment in yourself. It's a good thing to have on the resume and will prove your interest in being a CSM.


  • Chimeria Gonzalez
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    Thank you @tejash_24 I am glad that you shared this as it is the current step I'm working on. I am actively looking out for webinars, videos, and articles for this exact point of view. I have also been shadowing my friends since they were hired and they have shared some great information and insight with me.

  • Chimeria Gonzalez
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    Hi @Jordan Silverman I have truly been doing my best to ensure I am seen and engaging. For me still being on my support team, I believe I have a good relationship with the hiring manager. It definitely helps that most of her team is advocating for me to join them.

    We use Chorus and when I am not able to join their QBRs I watch them. I have also found our training documents and videos. I want to be ready if they ask questions, ask me to go over it with them, or ask me to present a fictional QBR.

    I have looked at their KPIs and being familiar with the company helps BUT I know this would be a different role. Instead of tickets, I would be responsible for a book of business. With there being a fairly large value to that, I, again turn to training, webinars, and our internal office hours to gather knowledge and insights on holding strong to that.

    Since I support them at this point, most of the tools they use are the same as the ones I currently use. I know they use them a bit differently so I like to join their meetings when they are going over portions of the tools that they use specifically for the CSM role and I love it because I have already learned loads of nuggets already.

    It is very refreshing to see that I am in line with your advice. I've spoken to pretty much everyone I possibly could, all the way up to my Chief of Customer Experience. It was important for me because I wanted to get a feel for them, put myself on their radar, and also ensure they were all consistent with the company's growth and development plan.

    I truly appreciate the time you've given me to help with my path to becoming a CSM!! Thank you!

  • Chimeria Gonzalez
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    @Andrew Shoaff I am a huge fan of training and courses to better myself, I will have to check that out.

    As for the Gross Retention, Net Retention, and Renewal Rates, I know this will be something new for me. Even though I have sales experience, it is very different from the SaaS industry. This is something that I am actively diving deeper into and learning as much as I can about the financial aspect of things. I have two amazingly wonderful friends from my company who are actively mentoring me. One being an SR AE and the other being an SR SE Manager. They are our company's rock stars. I am huge on surrounding myself with people that I can learn from while also never forgetting to help others.

    I am so excited to be a part of this community.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. This particular subject is one that I am definitely making sure I go into with full expectations and the want to not drop the ball.