Success Operations Comp Plan

Miranda Balcar
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Hi all,

Wondering how you all compensation Success Operations lead/team members? I can't seem to find much online.

My gut is team NRR + goal achievement.



  • Doug Havlik
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    Hi Miranda,

    For my customer success operations team of four at Thomson Reuters, we don't have a formula for variable compensation based on factors such as NRR. However, we keep a close eye on NRR, report weekly updates, and forecast scenarios on how we can reach our goal for the year.

    If you want to bounce around ideas, email me, and we can set up a time to talk.


  • Brian Aherne
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    Hi Miranda,

    For my Customer Success team we have set compensation and we are looking at a bonus for CS Qualified leads. They also have yearly goals.

    Our focus is on adoption and quality of platform usage, we believe that this will drive NRR.

    The financial targets are for the sales team, I know this is different from other organisations but I want us to have a different focus from the sales team.

    Happy to expand if wish.