January 26, 2024 Week in Review

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January 26, 2024

So a whole week has gone by and we find ourselves at the last Friday of January. With time speeding by, I love that I can help you see what is happening with GGR at a glance.

Gain Grow Retain continues to focus on Events, Best Practices, and Content that inspires, and this weekly wrap up helps make sure you are in the know.

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🗨️ GGR CS Leadership Office Hours

The GGR Leadership Office Hours are a great way to connect with your peers through conversations about leading CS topics.

Our 2024 schedule is now available here, and our next meetup is Thursday, February 8th. @Anita Toth joins us to talk about "Using CS Customer Insights to take CS teams from vulnerable to valuable". Be sure to register!

Best Practices (Conversations)

Check out some of the great conversations happening on GGR. Click the title to the full conversation and share your insights!

If you could go back in time, what actions/processes would you implement for your CS org?

@RominaFahl has been tasked with creating a CS strategy and would love to gain insights from peers. Have any insights to help or are you in a similar position looking for help? Click the title and check it out!

Advice for building CS in a Product Led Growth strategy

@Brandon Hemmelman started a conversation about how CS can support product with a Product Led Growth strategy in place. Have some experience here or maybe this is an area you are thinking about. Either way, click the title and join in!

Documenting Churn

@ADesai is wondering what others are doing to document something everyone deals with. Click the link and share your thoughts and processes! @Anita Toth, I know you have some thoughts here!


The Quick-Start Guide to Defining Your Customer Success Structure

This week, Parker Moore from Vitally shared a great framework for helping you get started with your CS program, or if you already have one in place, checking to be sure you are set up for success. Through the use of a matrix, Parker takes some time to outline what you should be looking at in a CS team base on Product and Pricing characteristics. Don't guess what you should be focused on. Dial it in with some practical guidelines!

January 11, 2024 Office Hours Summary

Laura Litton launched our first 2024 Leadership Office Hours with two questions:

  1. Identifying barriers - what are the primary obstacles in preventing your users from consisten engageent with your product, and how can we address these hurdles effectively?
  2. Optimizing Incentives - how can we reine our incentive strategy to better motivate site leaders/decision makesers and users, ensuring sustained engagement beyond the initial phase?

The conversations were energetic, and the insights were...well, insightful. Take a moment to check out what your peers are doing in the realm of building and maintaining effective engagement.


Does GGR need an "Introduce Yourself" thread?

With GGR gaining new members every month (we average close to 150 a month!), it got me thinking...do we need an 'Introduce yourself' thread where folks can go in and share some information about who they are and why they joined? Take a moment to share your thoughts in a poll. You can vote and then share more info in the comments. Would love to hear from you!

Now Launching! CS Leaders Group

Are you a CS Leader who has been missing the ability to connect directly with other leaders? GGR hears you and wants to help. In this new group, members are vetted before being allowed to join, ensuring that you 1) know that you are talking directly to peers, and 2) have conversations that are not part of the entire GGR membership (your conversations are private!)

If this is something that you would benefit from, take a moment to fill out a quick form so we can review your request and get you in this private area within GGR! Access the form here

Contributors Wanted

Did you know almost all of our content is User Generated? That means it comes from people like you who are working in the CS space day in and day out. Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Learn more here

Office Hours Hosting Spots Available

Have a topic you would like to bring to your peers for discussion and collaboration? Our Leadership Office Hours are a great way to start the conversation, and the good news is, you are spending just a few minutes introducing it to kick off the conversation. Sound interesting? Take a moment to share your interest here.


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