Upskilling Strategy for CSMs

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Do you have an upskilling strategy for your CSMs?

If yes, I’d like to hear your take on how to do it right.

Our recent podcasts and webinars all had discussions on how important sales skills are for CSMs this year, but there’s not much out there about the best way to level up those skills.

Thanks! 😁



  • Ed Powers
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    Hi @Olivia_Williams --

    I teach a popular, skills-based course that helps CSMs identify, qualify, and trigger a contact's desire and interest to learn more about a potential solution. It generates a CSQL that can be followed up by a salesperson or the CSM. The training is patterned after a program I set up in a former life as VP Client Success and led to a 7% increase in funnel size in less than a year. Happy to share more about it, if you're interested.