Has anyone built a playbook for driving customer retention after a data breach situation?

Jay Nathan
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My thought here is that the standard playbook of segmenting customers, defining an engagement plan, building a messaging framework, identifying customer risk (with a health score framework) and key stakeholder relationships and conversations would apply here. 

But if anyone has done anything specific they can share it would be helpful. 

i also realize that any content anyone has around this may be difficult to shared publicly. 

thanks in advance



  • Chrissy Hines
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    Off the top of my head, from past experience working for companies responsible for mission critical data- non-SaaS B2B... maybe you can glean something usable. 

    Proactive notification, be transparent, predetermined  escalation plan and path to solve active issues (Share with customer in advance of events occurring so they know what to expect), postmortem with internal stakeholders, postmortem with customer, internal lessons learned, and finally update process to improve if required after lessons learned... 

    CS also continues to make sure any elements as a result of the event are taken care of; including things like, confirming with billing if/when credits are expected to be issued when applicable, identifying solutions (expansion) if the event was reliant on the customers lack of architecture planning in redundancy... Document event timeline, review again (high level) at QBR/EBR and communicate any positive outcomes achieved from the negative event.  

    Hope this helps! 

  • David Ellin
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    Great question...I have not. When Equifax had their big breach, my company handled the Customer Service calls from consumers. We stressed to Equifax that they provide transparency and timely updates so consumers can stay informed about the possible impacts they can expect.

    We all make mistakes (some larger than others). How we react to those mistakes is how we're often judged in the longterm. If I were to build a Playbook around this, the first words would be, "Do What's Right".

    I've seen companies lie and try to cover up facts around breaches in an effort to retain customers. The truth always comes out in the end. You may have kept the customer a bit longer, but the long-term damage to your reputation for not being honest may be the death of your company.

    The next words in my Playbook would be, "Deal honestly with customers, communicate openly, take responsibility, learn from mistakes."