Why it's important to solidify roles and responsibilities

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"Why do we have so many people assigned to our customers?"

Enterprise SaaS can get complex, but depending on the complexity of your product and customer relationships, you may need several roles.

There are three main areas of the customer relationship that need ownership:

1. Commercial - renewal, expansion
2. Domain - industry-specific expertise and guidance
3. Product - support, training, adoption

And across all three we're building relationships and driving toward customer outcomes.

Here's my take on the various roles that are involved.

And some additional resources you can use to figure this out for your business down below ?



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    Such a valuable discussion that we need to be having around this topic.  Is there a method to the madness of how to get this type of detail/granularity?  Order of operations?

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    @Jay Nathan @Jeff Breunsbach  any guidelines for video?  Cool that the platform has it. 

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    @Jay Nathan Throughout each of the categories above, Customer Success must remain the Trusted Advisor for the customer (strategic and listening hats):

    1. Commercial - talk to customers and understand their future needs (expansion) and critical decision making criteria for renewals)
    2. Domain - serve as advisor for products/services that can bring value and help customers achieve their goals faster and cheaper (even if they're outside of your company's portfolio)
    3. Product - where are their people fumbling and take it a step farther - are the processes broken or not fully connected? (I can't tell you how many times I"ll try to follow someone's training or adoption guide only to find a step missing or an icon they say is on the screen that simply isn't there).
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    Great video. I'm struggling to find the additional resources you mentioned in video and in the above tex.tt