Executive Business Review Templates

Jeff Breunsbach
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Good Morning, looking to see if there are examples of Executive Business Reviews that you may be able to share (certainly block out any sensitive client information). Particularly looking for the flow and what is key information that you share during this type of meeting. 


  • Matt Myszkowski
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    Hi @Jeff Breunsbach  - I will make a deal with you, our QBR/EBR (still agreeing final name - it will be something different from these 2) is a work in progress but the effort currently is on the Executive Summary slide. This for me the "money" slide - if you have one slide to share with a senior exec at your customer you better make it impactful and the first one you show. So get this right and everything else is just supporting evidence. As me & @Jay Nathan  spoke about in our recent podcast recording, that Exec Summary slide must answer the "So what?" test. Listen to the recording to hear more on that.

    Anyway...I can send the exec summary slide to you tomorrow if this helps?

  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Love that idea, would love to see an example once you are able to share it @Matt Myszkowski 

  • Steve Bernstein
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    Here's a template we provide... 

    1. Reconfirming desired goals,
    2. Sharing into the "homework" that the CSM drove in advance of the QBR, presenting the current perceptions (in the aggregate) of the experiences and success (outcomes) that all the key stakeholders in the account would have provided. I.e. a clear picture of what the account perceives to be working well and what needs improvement.
    3. Engaging the stakeholders in helping remediate any gaps -- what do you need from them to improve sentiment -- training? best practices adoption? governance/oversight and "change management" orientation?  Expansion/other products and services that address the gaps?  Etc....
    4. Product and services roadmap and how it relates to the feedback provided
    5. Summary of action items and next steps, including calendaring key meetings to maintain engagement and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders
  • Daryl Colborne
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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for providing your QBR/EBR template! Super helpful and looks similar to a "Scorecard" that we use. 


    Does anyone else out there have EBR/QBR templates that they can share?

  • Iman Omari
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    Hi @Matt Myszkowski , I have been thinking though having a one executive summary slide that I could start with in my business review calls.

    1-  So I could demonstrate the value early in the call, present the data that is most relevant to their level of strategic goals and most importantly get the chance  to engage them on what changed in their business direction or their goals and how it translate to the value they expect from our product going forward.

    2- I wanted to use this slide as a teaser in my invite as a motivator to join the call.

    3- Share this impact slide with customers who prefer a fewer number of such QBR meetings.

    If it is possible could you share your slide ?