Best channel for those of us seeking work?

Kathleen Gauder
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Hey GGR!

The startup I was at failed right as COVID began. I know it’s tough out there for those of us CS superstars looking for work. What’s the best channel for us to share what we’re looking for and where members of the community can share opportunities as well?


Thanks in advance! 



  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    Hey @Kathleen Gauder - We're working on a more permanent solution to help those in the CS space to find open opportunities. 

    For now, one place that you can go is over to our Imperative Jobs newsletter. We research and curate jobs about 3x a week to send out to the distribution list.

  • Rachel Priest
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    Thanks for asking this question for all of us seeking @Kathleen Gauder .  Best of luck out there.  If I can be of any support or encouragement, just LMK.  

    Cheers from Kansas City! 

  • Jared Orr
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    Hi Kathleen! Very sorry to hear about your situation but you're definitely in the right place. The past 2 CS jobs I have had have been found on LinkedIn. If you use LinkedIn the right way, you can find some incredible opportunities. Feel free to connect with me:

    Best of luck! 

    Jared Orr

    Customer Success Whisperer

  • Kathleen Gauder
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    Thank you so much, Jeff! Grateful for all that you do and for the supportiveness of the community! -KG

  • Alex Turkovic
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    So - I'm in a similar boat. My current employer has put roughly half the company (myself included) on furlough due to Covid. My team of 33 is now down to 5 who are left holding down the fort. 

    Goes without saying that I've been on the prowl for my next leadership opportunity. I suppose I'm fortunate in that I have a few months of runway, allowing me to find the right role/company...and also to ride out the Covid storm a bit. I'm finding that especially leadership positions are moving VERY slow right now - but - companies are still hiring, and CS seems to be a very popular area at the moment.

    Great point @Jared Spencer Orr re: LinkedIn. I think that it's one of the most under-utilized and under appreciated platforms out there for job seekers. A lot of people think of it as primarily typical social platform for posting and consumption of industry-related items. While that is certainly true, it is first and foremost a NETWORKING POWERHOUSE. Used effectively, it can be a great tool for the job search.

    All of that said, I'm trying to use my free time in ways that are helpful for the community at large.

    For example, right now I'm working on a series of YouTube/LinkedIn videos I'm calling 'TurkTalks' - where so far, I've provided a ton of job search tips & tricks. I'm 8 episodes in. Have a couple more coming where I'll do an 'Ask A Recruiter' series. Would LOVE your feedback if you think it's helpful and any other topics you guys think might be relevant to those on the hunt for their next opportunity: