For those currently exploring opportunities of the leadership variety, what are some of your best pr

Shaun Porcar
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How do you walk the line of providing a contextualized action-oriented plan that demonstrates you're the right person without giving up the complete recipe BEFORE you're hired?


  • Matt Myszkowski
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    A valuable lesson I learnt when applying for CS leadership roles. Ask what is the one metric that CS will exclusively own. If there isn't one, I would always be nervous around the longevity of the CS function. You need to be able to differentiate your role, function and the value to your business.

  • Andrea Kottong
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    Tough question. I err on the side of believing that people will do the right thing and are not just using me to get free consulting. I also believe that having a plan is not the same as being able to execute it successfully. During the presentation, I like to point out that the devil is in the details and finding someone who can successfully make this plan happen is not a given. In the end, if they take my plan and don't hire me, I will at least know that I wouldn't want to work with those people anyway. And Karma's a bitch.

  • Andreas Knoefel
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    My 90-day plan is in the context of achieving CS excellence and to get NRR to 140+. I share anonymized results from the past, for both a consulting gig and a full-time role. The steps are

    1. Formal assessment leveraging the Customer Success Performance Index™.
      This is a benchmark against over 200 other companies and what the best-in-class businesses did better than the rest
    2. 360° survey within CS, Product, Finance and Marketing to uncover issues, friction, problems
    3. Vision for the future
      1. Stop-the-bleed: 90-day action plan to fix what is severely broken with examples from the past
      2. 1-Year goal to the next level and actual results from the past
      3. 2-Year goal for operational excellence and actual results from the past
  • Matt Myszkowski
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    Shaun - it is not really answering your question, but you may want to consider answering these questions.

    I think these are great points that all CS leaders should be able to answer any way.